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Get Paid To Review

Get Paid To Review

Get Paid To Review is get paid from the review or provide comments from the product, film or other
services. example we can see in the address or the address, or in the address or the address http:// to join us can register on the signup or Register or Join.
IMPORTANT: You need to read and understand the requirements and how to work with the important information that are on the menu-the menu Home, Term condistion, and other help. Particularly in the payment we will accept general average use paypal. And paid for the Program Review, and they pay $ 1.00 for each review 1 product. And have more fat that will be paid as refferal find, comentar get with keteman send us a review and so forth.
If we take four to review this program you follow each and you make 5 a day program review in a day then you will get paid $ 5 x 4 = $ 20.00 U.S. dollars a dayly.
To Ciao
  1. $ 0.01 - $ 0.03 each you read the reviews of others and give rating
  2. $ 0.01 - $ 0.03 each person to read another review and give your rating
  3. Every $ 1 you successfully invite people to join CIAO through to your affiliate url (I know what and where the affiliate url, we will be next)
  4. 50% commission for 6 months respectively - participated in the results of a successful downline you get through your affiliate link.
  5. CIAO give a bonus of $ 2,000 to the member 1 with the best review
Increase continue the point you can make with a review of quality, add new friends, having ratings and comments, and receive the "Circle of Trust"

Start Writing and Review have Friends
How to write a Review:
  1. In the member area, you click on My Content (see under your Current Status)
  2. Then click Write new review (see the section on the right) and you will be brought to the search page
  3. Type the product that you will review in the search box and press enter, will be out of your search results
To start writing a review click on "Write a review" which have the right product . Write a review on the fields Some of the important things that you must write a note in the review:
  1. Write a review at least 120 words. Fill in the fields also voting available
  2. Do not make a "Copy-Paste" the results of a review of others. For, if known by the CIAO, your account will be Banned
  3. If you do not speak English, so you can use a digital dictionary "Google Translate" to help you.
Do not forget, the note should still have you edit. Because the Google Translate some words that can not be translated perfectly.
Giving Ratings / Comments and Adding Friends
Look for products that you akan rating, give rating to the product and do not forget to add comments.
Tambahkanlah author to review it in your friends list. To add a friend, click the name of the author
reviews that you have given a rating and comment, and click the Add button to my friends (link is
located on the right). Build trust in you and your friends so that they provide ratings and comments
on your review and add to your list of trust "Circle of Trust (Cot)."
How to get your Affiliate code:
  1. In the member area, you click on "Member Center" at the top of the
  2. Affiliate program select menu, and then you select "Integrate Banner"
  3. On the menu, you will get your affiliate code that reads like this:
How do I know we CIAO Member ID?
The first way:
  1. Log In to Member Center, select the Affiliate Program Invite Friends
  2. You enter your email, the contents of the short message and you click Invite Friend
  3. Check your email, then you will get an email invite from CIAO. Well, in the email have your affiliate link, see the 8-digit code number on your affiliate link. That is your Member ID CIAO.
Two ways to:
  1. Log In to Member Center, then on Member Search field type in your username
  2. Then your profile will appear. Now, click your username, and then you see in the address bar of your browser. You will see the 8-digit code number. That is your Member ID CIAO.
Tips and Tricks To have your Revenue Dollar
  1. Often often-login, use your time to have friends every day. as closely as possible, at least in 1 day you can get 500 new people. As such, most if not every day you have to give your rating review only about 30-50 people, you have to get a dollar ...
  2. Making your time each day to give a rating on the review of others. iph possible, give a review rating to 200-500 every day. By the time you gave the rating on review, you write the comment that they also call your product review. For example: "Good review ... Thanks for sharing ... Rate me too OK"
  3. Making Much spread your affiliate url every day, either through their own blogs and blogs of others.
  4. Make review as possible, you can know who won the contest $ 2000.
How To Request Payment in CIAO
  1. To make a payment request from CIAO, you must have a Paypal account first. If you do not have Paypal account, you can register directly by clicking this link (free)
  2. Once your Paypal account so, go to the member area and register your paypal address, how they are:
  3. Go to the Settings menu in the member area CIAO
  4. Choose Settings Paypal, CIAO enter your password, then enter your Paypal email address
  5. Minimumpayout is $ 5 And request that payment will be paid in the following monthat the time you make a request payment .
  6. If the payment is already signed in to your paypal, then you will get a confirmation email.


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